Joe Chatman

Self-Employed Photographer and Graphic Designer Atlanta, GA


Joe Chatman was professionally trained as a 3D animation artist and an Alumni of SCAD Atlanta. However, through his studies of film, video, and animation, he soon realized he found myself more interested in the design and process of a single image. Through the view finder of various cameras, the vision of certain angles, lighting, composition, and process of shot/scene setup he became not only interested in telling a story through moving images, but even more interested in the epic story a single image can hold. This led him to realize that not only did he have a talent in video and animation, but he was also very gifted in the arena of photography. Over the last ten years he has stayed diligently dedicated to his design work, but has also immersed himself in the world of still images, doing every style of photography he could. In the end, this made him incredibly versatile. He plans to marry his work with digital video in the near future and continue evolving as an artist and director of photography and cinematography.

Being a graphic designer for the last decade, he will always consider himself to be more of an artist, than a photographer. He learned to combine his knowledge of various fields and genres, and create not only amazing photography, but ART in his post production of various imagery. This is his passion and his compulsion. This is why he calls his work...Mojofoto. It is magical, full of powerful and hypnotizing energy.

He is extremely versatile and available for permanent, freelance or contract work. Email him for pricing.